Social Media is More Important Than you Think

I almost titled this ‘be a social media addict’. It might sound strange, and you’ll be wondering why anyone would want to promote being a social media addict.

Don’t be too quick to judge, allow me tell my story first.

A few months ago, I got into a danfo with a friend of mine. As usual, the bus kept stopping to drop and pick-up passengers and we were getting really impatient, but there was nothing we could do.

To take our minds off it, we gisted and talked about everything that caught our attention, not bothering about passengers that got in and out.

After a while, the bus came to another halt. Someone was alighting again! This time, I took notice of the person alighting because he had left his wallet on the seat. “Hello sir, you left your wallet”, I called out before the bus moved. But to my disappointment, he said the wallet wasn’t his.

I turned to my friend, with a look that said, ‘what do we do’? The conductor kept watching us, probably expecting that we hand it over to him. That was not going to happen. We went through the content of the wallet, found an ID card, some money and an ATM card.

At this point, all we had was his name. My friend took the first step in search of the guy with the missing wallet. He visited the bank used by the guy, which we had discovered through him ATM, and requested from the customer service if they could search their records for his phone number and hand it over to us. As expected, they said no, and asked that we drop the wallet so they give him a call.

Drop the wallet? Really? And so, the search continued.

Next, we went to his Facebook page to drop a message. But this went unanswered.

I had to take the next steps. I went over to his LinkedIn and Facebook page to see if he had his number there. He didn’t. I saw the company where he worked and began to use Google. I was able to get a number which I called to confirm if such person worked there, but all was to no avail.

Then I went on to add a few of his Facebook friends. I kept waiting for them to accept my friend request, and was getting really impatient. So, I went through his timeline, and found out he had some really close friends who constantly tagged him in pictures. And when I say pictures, I don’t mean just any picture. I mean pictures where he appeared.

I added them as friends, but then, it signaled another long wait. I decided to check if they had their phone numbers on Facebook. That was it, I found a number. That was how we found the guy with the missing wallet.

I called, he confirmed that they were friends, and explained that he had to loan him some money after discovering the missing wallet. So, we got connected. I gave him our office address and he was there to pick up his wallet.

This was an eye opener for me. It pays to use social media. You don’t have to be an addict, just use it.

Let’s assume this guy had set privacy, where you can view nothing about him unless you are friends on the platform. For those who do this, I’m very sure there’s nothing you’re hiding, so I ask that you change. It just might be a prospective employer or client trying to see what you do on Social Media. If they are not able to view anything, they move to the next.

It’s not a bad idea to also leave your contact on Social Media. I can assure that there’s no scammer or 419 that’ll use them to do whatever your mind might be thinking. The world has gone digital and almost everyone now works online.

Just go with the flow. Assume you live online. Chat with people and post updates when you can. Leave your profile open for anyone to see.

You don’t have to be on Facebook or Instagram all the time. For me, I ensure I’m always online. And when I mean online, my phone is always on, my internet is always on even when I’m not using it. You never know when the next important email might drop.

Again, you don’t have to be an addict, just ensure you have an active profile.

Do you have any opinion about this or any social media tip? Please use the comment box, thanks.

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