Women: Why Are We Our Own Worst Enemies?

I thought and thought about what next to write this weekend, nothing was forthcoming. Then, something said to me, ‘why don’t you write a follow-up to your post about people hiding their true age‘?

Well, this is it. I was opportune to get loads of comments on that particular post, where I wrote about the norm of people reducing and increasing their age or refusing to tell it for reasons best known to them.

Popular and more topical among the comments was ‘women/ladies/girls are more guilty of the act’.

Now, I’m asking, “women, why are we synonymous with so many issues”? I’m a lady myself, and I won’t sweep anything under the carpet.

During my industrial training sometime in 2011, I had my first work experience. I was happy to feel like a working class, and the first place I worked, I was under a woman. Next, I had to move to a different work station where I worked under a man. Well, the difference was clear and I resolved to avoid every situation that would make me work under a woman. Fast-forward to my first job as a working class, I had to work with four women all at the same time. It wasn’t a terrible experience like I thought ‘cos I had fun with them. So, I’m not saying all women have issues, but most of us do.

Ladies, cast your minds back to primary and secondary school days when there was something called ‘keeping malice’. The boys were never found in that act, it was like a girl’s dress and only them were found wearing it.

Just last week, my phone brought out a list of LinkedIn contacts that were on BBM. Since we are in the marketing age, decided to add all of them. So many of them accepted the request and I was over-joyed, only for me to start getting barrage of messages. “Who’s this”? “Do I know you”? “Have we met before”? “How did you get my pin”? With too many messages, I had to send a broadcast letting them know I was a LinkedIn contact and my BBM automatically added them.

“Oh! Great”. “No p”. “Okay”. “Good to have you here”. Got so many positive comments in return. However, one was different. She complained about how it wasn’t possible for my phone to have added her and how I didn’t construct the broadcast message respectfully. I just smiled and thought to myself, ‘not surprised, it’s a lady’. Yes, you would hardly find a guy complain about such irrelevant thing.

Why are we so uptight about so many things? Can’t you just see your fellow girl and say hi with a smile on your face?

I got talking to a friend who told me about females in her office and their many issues. “I really don’t understand them. These girls never say hi. Even if you do, they tend to snub you like we’ve previously had a terrible encounter”. I could completely relate to what she was talking about because I’ve had encounter with lots of ladies my age who probably think relating with their fellow ladies is completely wrong.

I’m not praising the guys, I have no reason to praise them ‘cos I’m a lady. Just stating the facts. You’ll rarely find a guy who would cast jealous eyes on his male counterpart. I haven’t met guys that are snobbish. I’ve never had a cause to worry about a male friend putting up an attitude like he has issues with me.

Lots of these ladies’ attitudes are probably as a result of some ladies feeling they are above the next person’s standard or they feel inferior seeing their counterpart is doing better than them, I have no idea.

Ladies, we really need to calm down. I know we have lots of personal problems to deal with, but let’s be open to whoever it may be. Being a boss, let your employees miss you when they’re on leave. Let your female colleagues be more comfortable with you than with the guys. Let’s stop being so uptight, let’s stop being snobbish. Let’s be freer and flare up less”.

As usual, I’ll rest my case here. Have a great weekend!

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