The City That I Know

It’s Lagos, over-populated, with people from various tribes and countries. Here, you would find those who love gist more than their very own self, those who look forward to quarrels, those who argue blindly wherever they happen to find themselves, those who can market anything, including the sands on the ground. Why won’t every little news be the buzz of the city? After all, there are people who would persistently sell and spread a story so skillfully, even if it bluntly refuses to be sold, making one think they were going to get paid by some random person after a job well done.

All these were my thoughts when their noise about ‘a day without horn’ would not let me hear. Days before this special day approached, some were like, “at least we’ll have peace for a day”, forgetting they are louder than the car horns on Lagos roads. Some others went ahead to paint the story, “hope you know it’s an offence to horn tomorrow?”

With different manner of comments from several angles, I just kept wondering why anyone would think a day without horn would be possible in the city of Lagos.

This city where everyone is impatient, including passengers that will knowingly push a driver to hit another vehicle in their front. When the deed is done, all they do is scream at the top of their voices, accusing the innocent driver of an act they pushed him to.

This city? Where people cross the roads with their minds in another state, with their minds in their homes and all the troubles therein. The problems in the city are as many as the people living in, everyone with an issue. And you say the drivers should not horn?

Yes, those people, the police, soldiers or whoever they might be, usually in those trucks, blowing sirens as they try to jump past the Third Mainland traffic, like the roads were built for them, are the main cause of the ‘noise pollution’ Fashola is crying about.

With all the noise and count down to the special day with no horn, I looked forward to see how Lagosians would successfully ply the roads, with their horns still intact, but not able to use it.

In my very spacious office, seated, earphones plugged in, doing my usual duty of researching and stalking endlessly, I observed my other colleagues going about their activities. Then, I remembered, ‘it’s October 15th, a day without horn!’ Silently, I took off my earphones and flung my ears to the office windows which are not so far from one of the numerous busy Lagos bridges. Guess what I heard? The usual blast of horns from vehicles.Then, I asked someone around, “people are using their horns, what’s today supposed to be?” Her helpful reply got me to write you this. “It’s Lagos, people must horn”. Like something I just read, Fashola should park well. The city is overpopulated and that cannot help reduce noise pollution.

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