These are the Kind of Posts that Sell on Nigerian Social Media

I want to talk about Nigerian social media. The kinds of things people pay attention to ehn, I’m just here wondering if I’ll ever get noticed.

You see a post that’s actually meant to get a lot of attention – comments, likes, shares – but there’s nothing. Then you see another that doesn’t even move you one bit getting a lot of attention, more than it actually deserves.

These are the kind of posts that can actually make people love you on Nigerian social media. In fact posts on these subjects can make you a celeb:


When I say comedy, I mean, you just have to be very witty with your posts. Even if you’re trying to preach the gospel, and your post has a bit of humour, I promise, people would give their lives to Christ.

Just see how Sola Adio does it while trying to preach against fornication:


If you’re not funny in this country, forget it. Nigerians are a group of happy-go-lucky people. Everything has to be funny, even when things are not going right in the country.

See for yourself, and pay attention to the RTs


This one keeps getting popular and popular. This is probably what Nathaniel Bassey noticed that led him to Hallelujah Challenge. I call it, the Amen Syndrome.

Just post a prayer declaring into people’s lives, and as soon as the post drops, you’d have 50 Amens on it already. In fact, just post anything random, and and end with ‘in Jesus’ name’, you’re good to go.

I’m really wondering when and how Nigerians got so religious. Or maybe I never knew we were actually very religious. There’s a Facebook prayer group for women that had a million members in just 7months of opening. So, yes! Prayer works on social media…literally.


If you’re thinking, ‘I don’t like politics’, I assure you that you don’t have to. All you have to do is create a post that has Buhari in it. Politics is meant to be dry. But in this country, it’s become more fun than ever.

There are those stealing billions, there’s the lion being chased by rats, I mean, why won’t it be fun? Just pick out anything that so doesn’t sound right, things that shouldn’t be heard in government, and make your post. That’s really what people love.

So, if you are witty, a prayer warrior or a lover of Nigerian politics, start building your audience. It applies on all platforms asides LinkedIn – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This doesn’t mean posts outside of these categories do not attract attention, they surely do. But these ones top all others.

If you want to you succeed with your serious posts, then you should package it well, give people a reason to pay attention to you, be consistent and become known for a particular kind of content.


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