You Might Not Like Bobrisky, But There are Marketing Tricks You Can Learn From Him

So, last week, social media was abuzz with news about Bobrisky monetizing his snapchat.

Yes, you heard that right! The guy deleted his deleted his old snapchat, opened a new one and ‘declared’ that anyone who wants to add him and view all his interesting content has to pay 10k.

See his announcement:

My people, Nigerians are paying! Last we heard, over 300 people had paid.

See a screenshot below:

Watch this video of him revealing why he took that step:

So, all they want to see is Bobrisky twerking, dancing, posing like a lady, and stuff.

Call them crazy, but Bobrisky has done his homework, worked hard and it’s time to reap from all of that work.

Here are the two key 2 things you can learn:

  • Find what people love and give it to them

You might say Bobrisky has no serious content on his page, so, why should anyone pay attention? Truth is millions of Nigerians are not after serious content.

They love the weird, the funny, things that do not actually sound reasonable – such as man cross-dressing. He discovered this and tapped into it, giving people more than enough. From his heavy make-up that some ladies can barely match, to twerking, dancing, and all the poses that make us think to ourselves, ‘is this one even alright’?


  • Be consistent

The guy never slacks when it comes to posting those content that many might term, irrelevant. It’s actually relevant to millions of Nigerians. Some spend their whole day on his page just to stay entertained. All day, everyday, there’s something from Bobrisky.

The thing with being consistent is – you trigger something that makes people hunger for your content. Makes them always look forward to your posts. The day you decide to put a price tag for them to continue seeing those posts, they would definitely respond because your content has become something they can’t do without.

If you want to make money online, it’s simply just the same pattern. You can’t come from nowhere and begin to sell. What have you offered that would make anyone want to spend their hard earned money on what you’re selling?

So, before you attack Bobrisky, you should also know that he has, and is working hard to make his money – even though that might not be you definition of hard-work.

You too can make money from your social media profile. It’s simply…Find an interest. Give it freely. Sell. It doesn’t have to be a video of yourself twerking. You don’t have to cross-dress. Find something that interests you, that you know people would love, talk about it Consistently. Find a need, offer advice, offer tips, and you’re on your way.

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