LagLaif: 5 Types of People You Meet in Danfo Buses (2)

Here’s the concluding part of the post – ‘5 Types of People You Meet in Danfo Buses’.

If you didn’t get to read the first part where I profiled 3 amazing groups of people, I suggest you do that by clicking here.

These last two groups of people are extremely unique, ‘cos to me, only the weirdos can fall into this category.


The ITKs

The term ITK is not a strange language to Nigerians. But for those who are non-Nigerians, and the Nigerians who might have a non-Nigerian upbringing, it means ‘I too know’.

Okay, I don’t know how that sounded for you. The ITKs are those group of people who do not mind their business, and choose focus on what other people are doing. In danfo buses,  these group of people never look in one direction. They keep looking side ways for what might interest them – from you phone, to whatever you’re eating and anything else.

My advice: Be wary of those sitting by you. Before you begin doing anything confidential on that phone, look left and right, an ITK might be scanning for the next spot to glue his eyes.

The Business Callers

I have no idea if the call they make is personal or business, but one unique thing about them is they spend long hours making calls, and keep their voice really high. But really? It’s a public place…it’s a commercial bus! Why make so much noise with your call?

My advice: If you’re one of the business callers, keep your phone conversation short. If keeping it short is not possible, politely tell whoever you’re on phone with that you’ll call after you alight from the bus. Also, keep your voice low, there are people trying to think in the bus, and no one is interested in the discussion you’re having.

Do you patronize Danfo Buses? Share with us in the comment box, other categories of people you get to meet on a daily basis.

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