What’s So Special About Your Age?

How old are you?

Can you answer this question confidently?

If yes, would you be telling the truth?

If no, what’s so special about your age?

Why the line, ‘how old are you now?’ got deleted from the song ‘happy birthday to you’, after we became adults still remains a surprise. At a point in our lives, it was fine to be 6, it was fine to be 7, it was fine to be 10. Suddenly, it wasn’t fine to be 15, it wasn’t fine to be 25, it wasn’t fine to be 22, being 33 was a crime. We’d rather keep mute about our age, and if we ever told anyone, we either reduce or increase it.

I’ve met lots of people, many of whom would never say their age. Maybe for the fact that they’re too old for where they are or too young for what they’re doing, I have no idea.

Most times, it goes, “how old are you?” “why do you want to know?” Why do I want to know? Well, ‘cos I feel it’s important I know. I just feel everyone should be proud of who they are and how many years they’ve been on earth. You’re not too old or too young for where you are or what you’re doing. We all can’t move in the same pace, all fingers are not equal. You might feel you should be married at your age, but it’s really no big deal. Let people say and think whatever they want to, being proud of you is what matters most.

Telling your age would take no single hair from your body, it’ll probably lead the right people in your direction. For example, a lady of 25 saying she’s 23 would probably lead the wrong kind of guys to her direction. Her perfect gentleman might be 31 and seeking a lady that’s 25years or older, but because the age she claims doesn’t meet his criteria, she is left to stick with guys who do not meet her taste.

How people would relate with you depends on your age sometimes. Several times, I’ve found myself in places where I classify myself as same age with lots of people, because they were looking really younger or older.

During NYSC, it happened several times. Since we began NYSC at the same time, they weren’t looking older or younger than I was, I concluded we were age-mates.

So, there was no restrictions to the way I played, talked and acted around them. As time rolled, I discovered most of them were nothing less than 4 years older than I was, which justified why some put up strange attitudes like I was bugging them.

If I had probably known how old they were, I would have dealt differently with them.

You can be 23 years of age, and claim you’re 20 years, but don’t come crying to me when a 20 year old girl springs up from somewhere and just says something you don’t want to hear from someone who’s younger than you are. Oh! You might want to say “I’m not your mate”, but you can’t ‘cos you’ve reduced your age from the onset.

I remember we were given ID cards during NYSC. Guess what? It carried our birth years and it was compulsory you wear it throughout your stay in camp. What pained my heart was seeing people wearing it in a way that it only showed the back. After camp, some only brought it out when the need arose. Thereafter, they hide it as far as possible.

On one of the boring lecture days, we happened to be engaged in a discussion which brought about telling our ages. One after the other, we spilled it out. Few days later, my eyes happened to capture an ID card of one of us who had proudly revealed her age. My very good roommate’s ID card had an age that was 2years younger than what she had claimed.

But why? At this point, I think Psalm 90:12 should come in. If you can’t help reducing or increasing your age, I think you should cry out, “Oh Lord! Teach me to number my days, that I may present to You a heart of wisdom”.

It’s becoming increasingly common, and I really don’t know the cause. No one can just crawl up beside you and ask, “how old are you?”. There’s definitely a reason behind it. Probably they are looking for someone their age-grade, they want you to apply for something, they want to know how to relate with you, or something. You should learn to spill it out whenever possible and whenever the need arises. You don’t want a little boy of 18 coming to ask you out, when you’re 21.

Don’t reduce or increase your age for anything. Telling your age is not a crime, it means you’re proud of you.

I’ll rest my case here! Have a great weekend!

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