Harmattan Saga

The rate at which people mind other people’s business in Lagos is alarming. You get into a bus, you find people quarrelling. If you’ve been opportune to get into such bus early to witness how such quarrel started, then you’ll agree with me that most of the time, it’s as a result of people not minding their business.

This week, I boarded a ‘Keke Napep’. Getting in, a man was seated already, so I took my seat beside him while the ‘Keke’ driver struggled hard to get two more passengers to fill up his vehicle.

Finally, the Keke was filled, as a young lady had joined us at the back while a guy took his seat beside the driver. The lady had barely sat down when she brought out a bottle water from her bag, drank a little, then began to place tiny drops on her palms to clean her harmattan beaten legs.

As she carried on with this task, I could not help but watch, while our male seat mate could not help but talk. “Don’t use water, your leg would grow whiter”, he said. With this, the lady looked up at him, nodded and continued her task.

Apparently, the man wanted to make sure he helped, so he continued, “I recommend body cream, it’s better. You’re worsening the case with that water you’re using”. This time, the lady had a little frown on her face. She might have been thinking, ‘what’s this man’s business’. “I know sir, thank you”, she replied him, not stopping what she was doing.

This man wasn’t going to have all that, so he pulled out a little can from his bag, which contained body cream. “Take, cream is way better”, he tapped her, so she could see what he was offering. “I know, I have!” she replied back.

Well, that ended it. His help was not needed, so he slowly put his cream back into his bag and faced front to his business while the lady did what suited her.

Lagosians, please learn to mind your business. I’m only saying this because I won’t find it funny if any of you come into my business like you’ve known me for ages. That aside, in all of these, I catch my fun, never wanting the arguments to end.

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