I’m Overfed!

I have seen enough!
From these 10year olds,
From these teens who think they’re cool,
And from these Adults who won’t act their age.

You see, I respect myself,
So, I’ll remain a stalker,
I’ll wait for your blunders,
And I’ll just write!

Dear Instagram girls,
We’ve seen enough!
Spotless selfies that tell a story,
Background that says another.

Dear Facebook boys,
Who cares about your six packs?
Stop stressing it,
We know you’re cute.

Dear Marketers,
Go down on you marketing,
We probably don’t need your product,
Stop forcing it down our throats.

Dear 10year olds,
It’s past your bed time.
Don’t try sending me a request,
We are not mates!

Yes indeed!
I’ve seen enough!
Your spellings are bad,
Stop updating your status!

Would you stop serving more than necessary?
Just 5 likes?
I’ll remove some more clothes,
50 likes is my aim.

Parents, don’t share in what’s for the 21st century.
If you must, do it on your lane.
Please, don’t spy on me,
I’ll just unfriend you.

Dear lovers,
We really don’t need the pictures.
No, we are not jealous,
We’re just not interested.

Dear Instagrammers,
Keep using the filters.
One day, we’ll meet you in person,
Then, you’ll tell us where you kept the cute face.

I can go on and on,
But I’ll respect myself,
I’ll keep stalking,
I’ll keep waiting for your blunders.


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